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Friday, 6 April 2012

. m a r r i a g e ? .

lately my fren ramai yg da kawen..jealous ? yeahh..might be around 2 or 3 years i will make sure i will married. HAHA.

simple..when sumone ask u for marry him/her , will u accept or u will say "let me think first",  "should i accept" ,"am i really ready for this?"

nahh me too...i am still think i am not ready for marriage..for me, marriage are need commitment..really need..u must know how to be more responsibility..arghh i am not ready yet..

but, when i think more than 100 times, this year i will 22years old..24 or 25 are suitable for me to marriage..who knows la kan? i will engagement around this 2 years..HAHA

when i meet someone who i do really love him,  really want me, appreciate me, never let me go, always be my side, still with me when i am sad, give some hugs and lend me on his shoulder, I WILL MARRY U !