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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

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hai hai hai

take a look my new blog template..my last template quite boring rite? more than 1 year  i have been used the template..

now, lets change! new mood, new year..even we are now in February..hihi i think not too late if i wanna some new in my blog..

nahhh..long time no updating my blog..act, i had many story to share..but as we know, not all story we call share with other people...its sound weird for me, but i think not important to tell with public.. besides, i am not public figure..ngeh2..no need to updating what i am doing, hows my day..ahaaa..

lately, i really busy give my commitment with my job..sales assistant very tough work...sometimes i felt wanna quit..but, this is what we call WORK ! ...ahaha.. (ciss many broken english there.well my MUET not so good thats why i got ----- . . ahahahaa secret lahhhh ..syyhhhh)

p/s : entah kenapa melalut cakap omputih memalam ni