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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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OLLA everybody!!

tell me something u wanna share bout ur hair..my hair now totally long..what should i do? keep straighting my hair or doing some new hair style?

i am adore with Tasha Sheila, Neelofa or ixara aishah hair..make some volume there, so i can get some new image rite? i am not interesting to curl my hair again bcoz  my hair will become more dry and risk for damage..

i am totally adore with their hair <3

ahhh what about messy hair? i am not like short hair..long hair more suitable with my face..most of hair stylish i had met, they suggest for me to stay with my long hair..not too long, bcoz i am not too tall, so when my hair too long, it will covered my body so ppl will said, wheres the person huh ? the hair will hide me..hahaha

how about coloring my hair? ahh someone will shout at me "hey why u color ur hair huh?? i kick ur ass now!! grr" ahaahaa...then? what should i do? rebonding again? no laa..around 1 year not good if u rebond more than 1 time..give ur hair relax..

ahh i need some opinion guys...my dearest frens , darling, bff, please help me..i need new hair style..grrrr..i am bored with my hair rite now. (--_--")

p/s : what if blonde hair ? HAHA